At The Fetchington, we put the care of the dogs above all else! To make sure we are hiring the right people, we perform a professional background check and drug screen. We only hire people with high personal standards and who are genuine, kind, and caring.

We provide full, on-going training to make sure our employees know exactly how to keep your dog safe and having fun!

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Assistant Animal Caregiver

Assistant Animal Caregiver is the first step toward becoming a primary, hands-on Animal Caregiver. The Assistant Animal Caregiver will help with all things related to keeping the dogs happy and healthy while in our care.

Duties include:

  • Valet Service – getting the dogs to/from their car and into the daycare or hotel
  • Housekeeping – cleaning suites, common areas, laundry and dishes
  • Room Service – preparing and delivering all meals and snacks to hotel guests
  • Events – plan themed parties and take pictures of events
  • Daycare Assist – assist the Primary Caregiver with monitoring daycare activities as needed

Note: Assistant Animal Caregivers must be available to work 3 shifts per week. Weekends and holidays are required.

Primary Animal Caregiver

We put the safety of the dogs above all else, so the main responsibility of the Primary Animal Caregiver is to manage the daycare floor and play yards. 

Duties include:

  • Supervising play
  • Balancing the energy level in the play yards
  • Monitoring the dogs body language
  • Keeping the play yards clean and sanitary

Note: Primary Animal Caregivers must be able to work 5 shifts per week. Weekends and holidays are required.

Needed Attributes

In order for an employee to excel at The Fetchington, they should possess the following characteristics:

  • Dependability: We provide care for living, breathing animals that depend on us for food, medicine, potty breaks, love, and attention. It is imperative that you are dependable and show up on time for your shift. Tardiness will not be tolerated.
  • Hardworking: The job is very physical; caregivers must be able to handle the physical responsibilities. You must also be able to handle an abundance of doggie kisses!
  • Confidence With the Dogs: Dogs are pack animals and need the guidance of a strong alpha leader. Caregivers need a confident and calm personality. We will train you how to manage the dogs, but confidence with them is something that cannot be trained.
  • Organizational Skills: The job of an animal caretaker requires the ability to multi-task. You must be able to receive puppy kisses, give a belly rub, and scoop poop at the same time.
  • Eye for Detail: Managing the play yard and daycare floor is more than just being in the room and playing with dogs. Caregivers need to learn animal behaviors and watch for “predictor signs” that could lead to a negative behavior.
  • Team Player: For your safety and the safety of the dogs, multiple people will be present during each shift. No one will be in the building alone. Employees must be able to work well as a member of this team.
  • Responsibility: Many important tasks are involved with the care of pets such as giving medications, caring for special-need dogs, etc. Caregivers must have a high sense of responsibility and take pride in their work. We only hire people with high personal standards who are genuine, kind, and caring.

Physical Requirements for Both Positions

Employees need to be able to physically perform the following tasks:

  • Lift and carry over 40 lbs
  • Have the strength to walk a dog weighing up to 100 lbs
  • Be able to stay on their feet for up to 7 hours
  • Sweeping, mopping, wiping, and general cleaning
  • Ability to deal with outside elements such as walking dogs in the rain/snow and standing outside for extended periods of time

Pay and Benefits

  • Training pay starts at a lower rate. Upon the completion of training, pay is based on your level of knowledge and job position.
  • Paid vacation after 1 year of employment
  • Free and discounted prices on services such as daycare, boarding, grooming, and retail
  • In-depth training in animal behavior and management

Want to work here? Follow these steps to apply:

1) Download and complete the application below 
2) Complete and email your application to Tonia Wheeler at tonia@fetchington.com